I believe it's when you build upon layers of chaos that you discover deeper levels of meaning and beauty.  I am strongly connected to nature's rhythms and hope to bring the organic miracles all around us into my work.

Thank you for taking the time to allow my work to bring a breath of beauty and inspiration into your world. Its truly an honor to share it with all of you. 


I face each canvas with an energetic looseness, a colorful interpretation of my own intensity, a giddiness in discovering life and all of her textures.  I plan minimally and allow the canvas to take me where it wants to through layers of collage, paint, and texture.

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About Rachel ingrid

Making artwork is a two-way street.  Each time I create and develop a canvas, it helps to create and develop myself as an artist and as a person.  Each piece leads me on a playful journey where I lose myself and find myself, all at the same time.   As each layer of emotion is explored and expressed, I am moved.  I am changed.  I feel a joy that is irreplaceable, an exhilaration that is liberating, a freedom I know I am meant to experience.  All of this I hope to relay onto you.

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mixed media artist


I use mixed media on canvases of all sizes to create a vision that shares a moment of intimacy.  These include collaged papers and poetry, acrylic paints and gel mediums, inks, pastels, handmade stamps...and whatever other ideas come up during the process!  


I began painting in my early teens out of a need to create and am self-taught, for the most part.  I draw inspiration from the daily life as well as activities I am most passionate about, such as mountain biking. 

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